Shakira & Piqué were spotted at the exit of a SPANISH restaurant in Barcelona !

25 Responses to “Shakira Confirms Relationship with Gerard Piqué : First Official pictures !”

  • tenseman08:

    Pique if barcelona are to play chelsea in the future..Keep shakira away from John Terry..!! you’ve been warned ;-DDD

  • tenseman08:

    @BetrayedPrince wow..strong words

  • BetrayedPrince:

    @tenseman08 Don’t know if you mean that sarcastic, but that’s the impression she gives to me. Besides i’m not the only one. And don’t worry about John Terry mate, the “next step” of Shaki won’t be a footy player but some president ;-)

  • MarioSwierzy18:

    title song plx

  • judit1494:

    Hacen bonita pareja, pique deberia de aprender de la sencillez y humildad de su chica!

  • julioclau:

    tanta pasta que tiene y no puede lavar su auto jajaj

  • marwanin:

    shakira is a bitch piqué fucked millions guys before you + she is older than you with 10 years :)

    get another clean virgin girl

  • camilapava:

    @BetrayedPrince you’ve no idea if she worries about her country or not. And believe, I’m Colombian, and she does worrie. You’re just ojealous of how beautiful she is, how amazing her voice is and the global recognition she has acquired for her talent and intelligence. ENVY is the only thing that can feel someone who criticizes a person without even knowing her. ENVY. …you should try to hide from the world the fact that you feel bad about yourself..Good luck;)

  • marwanin:

    @PlatynumEagle I mean shakira is a bitch just like ugly mother

    and Yes she is a bitch because it gives her ass for everyone + she is small, nnot tall, she is fat and short , got a bad ugly face like yours, not even white or blonde

    and the important she is OLD PUSSY 34 years old and she can’t sing.


    when she were with nadal she were a madrid fan, now she is barcelona shit head

  • AtomicFanatic:

    @marwanin okay dude,im PlatynumEagle’s friend and i visited his channel and saw dis,soooo first
    1-she has the rite to “give her ass” to evryone,cuz she dosen’t overexagerate it, i mean you just seem jealous about something
    2-its okay if she’s small but fat too?dude lol,go to google image,type her name in and OPEN YOUR FUCKIN EYES,plus okay you have the rite to think she’s ugly,cuz that would mean ur gay
    3-guess wat, 34 years old isn’t old and she can sing so DEAL.WITH.IT. BITCH!

  • marwanin:

    @AtomicFanatic I don’t give a shit about you faggot, go to suck you dads dick and try to right better than that dumbass

    I got more pussy’s than you can for your entire life ugly ass

  • DestinyBell864:

    @marwanin Look who’s talking. Don’t tell somebody to write better when you can’t even write ‘write’ right. lmao. Wow, so much hatred. Your very ignorant.

  • LEchita254:

    Co on ma brudny samochód to głowa mała

  • AtomicFanatic:

    @marwanin dude srsly? you still seem jealous,i mean dude,i don’t fuckin care if ur 43 years old,living with your parents,you seem like u never went to school and you never had the chance to rightfully develop your brain,i mean,you don’t like Shakira,just leave and shut up,nobody likes a lieing fatass

  • marwanin:

    @AtomicFanatic english is my 3rd language and I speak it better than you idiot
    I have 20 years old. inteligent handsome guy and very smart and clever and open minded.

    so wtf ur talking about fatass ?

    and I don’t hate shakira but i’m advising piqué to find some hot girls better than her :) that’’s all

  • AtomicFanatic:

    @marwanin u mispelled intelligent lol and if you were intelligent and smart,you wouldn’t be doing this,cuz if i were you,i would just ignore this vid if i knew i wouldn’t like it or if i would want to write mean comments about her,don’t like her?fine,ignore her,and if i were you,i’d ignore the comments i write back to you,thats smart,not blast into there and insult evryone you see,i rest my case

  • chaosmike52:

    @marwanin your an ugly troll stupid ass.

  • miamiheatbaby87:

    @Karime18 Retarted. Listen u OK magazine reading hoe. Even the Worlds most famous are after fame. r u too retarted to know this since u read all the gossip magazine’s. U dont think she can have anyone she wants? Shes a woman she can have any man y u think she chose Pique? Im sure she had the upper hand in choosing rather than him. Too much MTV u hoe

  • Karime18:

    @miamiheatbaby87 You are fucking retarded read my comment again you ignorant piece of shit. Why don’t you go back to the jungle and beat your chest. FREAK! don’t reply you worthless piece of shit. Go to school and don’t waste my time.

  • miamiheatbaby87:

    @Karime18 whats wrong u whore did i hit a nerve. Ermm i graduated 2 yrs something ul never experience bcoz ur too busy being sad following gossip. Il give it 2 yrs till u become a money grabbing celebrity wannabe prostitute with fake tits.

  • jutron:

    elle est nee le 2 fevrier 1977 lui il est ne le 2 fevrier 1987 ….. tiptop 10 ans de ifference

  • kas120587:

    cougar…lol pique can do so much better with all those hot women in spain …i guess being a celebrity make you 10 times hotter

  • juanna34:

    ahahahahahhaha wash ur car…..

  • joemoin:

    why are ppl arguing over something as pointless as this?

  • aymanw1996:

    Isn’t Shakira like ten years older than him?
    Shakira – 34 years old
    Pique – 24 years old

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